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BIAC Profile PhotoJean Oostrom has a brain injury and has created this website for people who have brain injuries, and the people who care for them to provide hope that recovery is ongoing and achievable.

Jean created has created New Brain Living so people who have experienced any type of brain injury can find information about recovery.  The types of brain injuries are as varied as the people who have them. Some experience strokes, some have work related injuries, sports injuries, car accident injuries and also our young soldiers who are returning from combat with closed brain injuries.  New Brain Living will hopefully help people on their path to “Learning to Live With Your New Brain”


During my recovery my left hand was affected so I decided to draw to regain the strength in my writing hand.  I have books and books of this design so I decided that I would create a logo for New Brain Living that would be a symbol of my recovery journey.   Perhaps other people with brain injuries and the people who care for them will use the New Brain Logo as a symbol of hope.  The New Brain Logo also symbolizes strength because to recover from a brain injury you have to put your feet on the floor every day and never give up on your recovery no matter what. The jagged edges of the design depicts that recovery from a brain injury is not a smooth process in fact it is filled with moving forward and then moving backwards but there are also calm times which are also represented in the design because amongst all the turmoil of recovery it is during the calm periods that real recovery can take place.

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5 Answers to New Brain Living – The First Step to Learning to Live With Your New Brain

5 Answers to New Brain Living: Answers for Creating a Personal Recovery Path After a Brain Injury

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