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Is thinking positive and stopping negative thoughts the same thing? I don’t think so!

I have written many times about my personal relationship with my brain trauma. The advice that was given so many times was to “think positive” but that is only part of the process.

Thinking positive is one thing but actually stopping a negative thought might be the missing piece for anyone living with the symptoms of brain trauma such as anxiety, PTSD and so many more brain diagnosis.

How does one stop a negative thought?

Does the negative thought happen so fast that you are caught unaware?

Is the difficulty in stopping a negative thought hampered by the fact that nobody has suggested an alternative to thinking positive?

Now is the time to think differently.

During my recovery the process of staying positive seemed to be manageable most of the time however, every once in a while “when the damaged brain has had enough” it wasn’t enough to think positive thoughts.

The learned process was actually talking to the negative thought, and not letting it get the upper hand and cause a change in behavior, that added confusion to the people who were trying to help.

It was difficult at first because it was a learned process, but over time whenever confronted with an unsafe feeling when the damaged brain seems to want to protect me, taking the time to make sure that the brain is giving me the right message can make a difference.

Sometimes the damaged brain sets me up by making me think that it has my best interest at heart but, I have learned to distinguish when the damaged brain is trying to sabotage my recovery.

It takes time but it is possible to stop the negative thoughts, and then replace those negative thoughts with a positive action.

Without action the negative thought will take over and thinking positive sometimes won’t be enough.


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