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When I was on my recovery journey I tried many health care options however, everyone must understand that just because a therapy works for one person doesn't necessarily will work for everyone. I have included information from Wikipedia as a research tool for people who are recovering from a brain injury. I don't not acknowledge that any of these therapy will result in any recovery from brain injury they are just here for information.


Yoga is the only recognized healing modality that heals the whole body. Yoga has been a very important part of my recovery during the past year. It has moved my recovery forward, quieted my brain and has taught me the importance of breathing in healing.

DISC Assessment Tool

Disc is a assessment tool based on scientific research that assesses how the brain is functioning.The DISC tool is a recovery tool that made a difference in my recovery Link to the DISC assessment tool Link

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

is a fantastic book into the ability of the brain to change so that healing can take place.Dr. Doidge's Book


Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine first expounded by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, that treats a disease with heavily diluted preparations created from substances Read More

Cranial Sacral

therapy is a method of Complementary and alternative medicine used by physical therapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors Read More


is a technique of inserting and manipulating fine filiform needles into specific points on the body to relieve pain Read More


Reflexology is an alternative medicine method involving the practice of massaging, squeezing, or pushing on parts of the feet Read More

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication Read More


Massage is the practice of soft tissue manipulation with physical, functional, and in some cases psychological purposes and goals Read More


Chiropractic is a health care approach and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system Read More


Reiki is a technique where by practitioners believe they are moving "healing energy" (a form of ki) through the palms. Read More


BodyTalk Access was developed for the lay person or as a one-day introduction to the larger BodyTalk System.  The five basic techniques (from Modules 1 & 2) learned in an Access class, when utilized as a group, can have a profound positive effect on basic household illnesses Read More

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