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Jean Oostrom is the quintessential survivor. When we met, she was in a spot in her healing that left her wondering is this all that there is With a little new neuroscience knowledge about how plastic our brains are, I watched her shift not only her attitude about the future, but I saw her create a new life purpose! In a matter of weeks, her life shifted dramatically into high gear and many of her brain; issues became manageable or just were eliminated. Her story can be critical for someone who is walking what she has walked! I recommend her as a speaker, a supporter, a friend. Thank you, Jean, for showing me what a person with a passion for helping others can do.”

Doug Jernigan DVM Owner, Boon Associates-Canada, Boon Enterprises-USA

Jean Oostrom provided our workshop members with heartfelt and true examples of her private struggles and successes as an acquired brain injury survivor. Her strength and courage in getting through this life altering change are truly remarkable. She has a clear vision of who she is and is able to convey that in her encouraging support of those living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. She is a compassionate and effective mentor.

Patricia Revell Rehabilitation Coordinator - Brain Injury Services Muskoka Simcoe. 

“I have always been impressed with Jean Oostrom's work ethics. She always is pleasant when we meet, extremely understanding (when I'm late), has impeccable listening skills and offers recommendations that work! She has a mesmerizing way about her and would be an excellent guest speaker in my opinion. It's a privilege to know Jean.”

Diane Rusk

I admire Jean’s gift for relating to others the realities of brain injury.  I also admire her intentions, which are to educate and improve the lives of others.  Jean employs a broad focus by reaching, not only members of the brain injured community, but their caregivers as well, and arguably she is also impacting the general population’s understanding of brain injury through her work.  Jean’s writing is captivating and gives the reader reason for pause.  Jean has a way of speaking to the heart and the mind through her writing.  Her dialog is both personal and touching, while being highly informative and intellectual.  Jean has been writing a column in our newsletter since 2010, and I recommend you take the time to read her work.  I know her writing will touch you in ways you could not have imagined.

Anne-Marie Edgar, M.B.A.  | Executive Director Canadian Society for Social Development

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